IP Camera

MJPEG Network Camera Server for Windows/Windows Phone 8.1 Store apps

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An API to stream video from cameras on Windows and Windows Phone devices (and probably to any HTTP MJPEG video player).


CameraServer starts an HTTP server and streams the video from a camera on the local machine over a network in MJPEG format.

// Start the camera and open an HTTP listener on port 31415
var server = await CameraServer.CreateAsync(31415);

The server supports multiple clients connected at the same time.

Using the MediaCaptureReader NuGet package client apps can display the video by creating an HttpMjpegCaptureSource and connecting it to MediaElement.

<MediaElement Name="Preview" AutoPlay="True" RealTimePlayback="True"/>
// Start an HTTP client, connect to port 31415, and display the video
var client = await HttpMjpegCaptureSource.CreateFromUriAsync("http://localhost:31415/");

// Start playback